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Suggest Relevant Statutory Compliances

Bringing years of experience in designing applications using latest technologies, CompliCheck is a next generation statutory compliance tracking tool. Our team has invested lot of time researching the statutory rules and have designed best practice module. There are hundreds of regulartory compliance responsibilities that are specified in the various legislations, we have scanned these responsibilities and extracted most relevant compliances and compiled our checklist. The best practice modules works on the inputs provided by you and suggests the most suitable compliances applicable to you. It offers you the flexibility to exclude statutory compliances that you do not find suitable and allows you to include any additional compliances that you wish to include and track.

statutory compliance software

Email Alerts and Dashboard Reminders

Missing a compliance can be a costly affair for any company. Consequence of non-compliance vary from fines, penalties, shutting down of business and even imprisonment of the directors. We therefore ensure that you do not miss out any compliance. CompliCheck reminder feature will keep reminding you on daily basis all compliances that are past due date. CompliCheck will send calendar invite so that your email client (outlook etc.) can also remind you. A summary of weekly statutory compliance activities will be emailed to you in advance. You may also subscribe for SMS alerts. A compliance completion report will be sent to your management with up to date status. You will be reminded on the dashboard once you login. We want to ensure that you stay compliant and on time.

compliance reminder system

Statutory Compliance Calendar

Our compliance matching engine will do all the work for you. You simply add your locations and we will search through our Compliance Repository and create a compliance calendar for you that is suitable for your location. Simply navigate through the calendar and complete the compliances that are due. The calendar is built based on the statutory compliance checklist extracted from our exhaustive compliance library

statutory compliance checklist


Subscription to our compliance management system requires an invitation code. You can get the code from someone who is using CompliCheck in your network. You can Contact Us or follow our facebook page or our twitter handle @CompliWiki to get an invitation code. Sharing an invite helps the subscribers earn referral rewards. If you do not have the code and do not know anyone has a code, contact us and we will be glad to share an invite for a no obligation free trial of complicheck.

compliance management system.