Compliance Tracking
Need not be difficult or expensive.

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CompliCheck - Statutory Compliance Tracking Software


With focus on providing a statutory compliance tracking tool for small and medium business we have kept CompliCheck simple with no unnecessary frills.


Instead of minting money by selling fear, we at CompliCheck decided to keep it affordable. Our prices start at ₹599/Month. For start ups willing to track critical statutory compliances, there is a free Edition available


Our Compliance content and knowledge partners work round the clock to ensure that the compliance repository is complete, relevant & accurate. We have covered all major statutory compliances and compiled a checklist built into a calendar format.


There are too many legislations for corporates to scan. We have built an algorithm for you that scans the most relevant compliance and display only relevant information. You only view the statutory compliances that are relevant to the state in which your establishement is located. We also display the applicability condition for each compliance so that you can take an informed decision whether you wish to track those compliances. You have an ability to remove the compliances that you do not wish to track using the compliance software.


If you wish to comply as per your own convenience we allow you to create a personal compliance repository. You can exclude or override our suggestions or build your own repository.


Managing your documents and compliances cannot be easier. Features like single click document upload, 2 click on boarding & interactive dashboards with calendar view, compliance managment cannot be any easier. Our effort is to make this one of the easiest compliance tracking software in the industry. We welcome your inputs and keep working on improving the usability of the system.

 Instant ROI

Combining the lowest price, maximum features, easy to use and a comprehensive compliance library you will get an instant Return on Your Investment. You save on non-compliance penalty by tracking your company's statutory and regulatory compliances and staying on top of your compliance responsibility. The savings on even a single penalty can easily cover the cost of over seven years Subscription of CompliCheck Compliance Software.