about complicheck

Empowering Businesses with Innovative Compliance Solutions

From contract management to risk assessment, our suite of innovative solutions is designed to simplify compliance and streamline your operations.

Complicheck was founded in India in 2012 with a dream to rethink the compliance industry. Today we are one of the largest compliance providers in the country with 50+ partners.

We believe in radical personalisation for our products which we achieve through high quality design and ease of use. We're always striving to simplify and customise enterprise software.

Our products are trusted by clients ranging from grocery stores to automotive retailers, pushing us to always improve and upgrade our systems.

our core values

What we think and how we behave


We strive to constantly push ourselves to be better and achieve more, both for our own growth and for the benefit of our customers. Our ambition drives us to be innovative and continuously improve our solutions to better serve our customers' needs.


We believe that honesty and transparency are the foundation of trust. We strive to maintain the highest ethical standards in everything we do, and we hold ourselves accountable to our customers, partners, and team members. We believe in doing the right thing, even if it's not the easiest or most profitable path.


We believe that the best ideas come from working together. We foster a culture of collaboration, where everyone's contributions are valued and respected. We encourage open communication and active listening, and we believe that diverse perspectives lead to better outcomes.


Our customers are at the heart of everything we do. We are dedicated to delivering solutions that meet their unique needs and challenges. We listen carefully to our customers' feedback and take action to continuously improve our solutions and services.


We are constantly pushing the boundaries of what's possible. We believe that innovation is the key to staying ahead in a rapidly changing world. We invest in research and development to create cutting-edge solutions that address our customers' evolving compliance needs.


We believe in putting ourselves in our customers' shoes. We strive to understand our customers' challenges, needs, and aspirations, and to create solutions that make their lives easier and more fulfilling. We are committed to creating a positive impact on society, and we believe that empathy is essential to building a better world.

"Thanks to Complicheck's real-time reporting and monitoring feature, we are able to quickly identify trends and report on audit findings. Complicheck has been a valuable tool for our accounting team."

– Priyansh Kohli, Sales Maestroz

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