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Identify and Manage Risks with confidence and ease

Complicheck Risk Assessment empowers organizations to identify, manage, and mitigate risks effectively. With our comprehensive and customizable risk assessment tool, you can make informed business decisions with confidence.

‘What-If’ risk management wasn’t so painful?

Your audits are too important to only happen once a year, and it shouldn't take thousands to do. Complicheck connects your financial information to auditing software, allowing you to easily understand and manage your company's finances.

Comprehensive Risk Assessment

Our solution provides a complete view of risks across your organization, allowing you to focus your resources where they matter the most.

Risk Management Framework

With our customizable risk management framework, you can tailor the tool to fit your organization's unique risk management approach.

Data-Driven Decision Making

Our risk assessment tool is backed by data and analytics, providing the insights you need to make informed decisions.

Anonymous Reporting

Almost a third of workers in the U.S. have witnessed ethical misconduct, and over half of those witnesses don’t report the incident. Clear communication of what a company considers proper behavior can help reduce the number of incidents, but it is often not enough to avoid ethical issues. Having a whistleblower program in an organization can help reduce the amount of questionable or illegal acts that happen within a company.

Upgrade your compliance system and de-risk your organization w/ Complicheck's powerful offering.

Complicheck allows you to track and monitor regulatory and statutory compliance in a calm and easy way.

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Streamlined audit management

Complicheck Audit Management streamlines the audit process, reducing the time and effort required to manage audits.

Enhanced collaboration

Our software promotes collaboration among team members, ensuring that everyone is on the same page and working toward a common goal.

Reduced corporate risk

By identifying potential issues early on, Complicheck Audit Management helps organizations reduce the risk of non-compliance and other audit-related issues.

"Complicheck's real-time monitoring feature has helped us catch compliance issues as soon as they arise, which has saved us time and money in the long run. Their platform is a must-have for any small business looking to manage risk effectively."

– Aakash, Munjal Business Group

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