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Simplify Compliance with Complicheck

Complicheck is the next-generation compliance software that helps businesses of all sizes simplify compliance tracking and monitoring. Our comprehensive suite of features, including audits, risk management, and contract management, provides a centralized platform for managing all compliance-related activities.

Compliance monitoring

We simplify compliance tracking and help businesses avoid legal and financial penalties while maintaining their reputation and trust with stakeholders.

Automated Checks

Our Compliance Monitoring feature automatically checks for compliance with laws, regulations, and company policies, minimizing risk exposure.

Comprehensive Reporting

Our platform provides comprehensive reporting on compliance status and potential risks, making it easy to stay on top of compliance requirements.

Real-Time Monitoring

Real-time monitoring ensures that compliance issues are caught and addressed as soon as they arise.

Robust Compliance Suite

Complicheck's Compliance suite helps HR teams stay compliant with changing regulations, including EEOC, OSHA, and ADA. Powered with automated contract creation, review, and approval workflows to ensure compliance and minimize risk and customizable alerts for key contract milestones such as renewal dates and termination clauses.

Upgrade your compliance system and de-risk your organization w/ Complicheck's powerful offering.

Complicheck allows you to track and monitor regulatory and statutory compliance in a calm and easy way.

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Effortlessly Stay Compliant

We make compliance reporting a breeze by automatically generating detailed reports on your compliance status, including any areas of non-compliance and recommendations for improvement.

Train and expand

Expert training to ensure that your employees understand all the relevant compliance requirements and know how to follow them, reducing the risk of costly compliance violations.

Build better relationships

Customizable training programs tailored to meet your specific needs, ensuring that your employees are trained on the compliance requirements that matter most to you.

"As a manufacturer, we have to comply with a lot of regulations. Complicheck's auditing and compliance solution has made it easy for us to stay on top of our compliance requirements and ensure we are meeting all the necessary standards."

– Kartik Jaiswal, Project Manager at Prakash Tires

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